The best home remedy for toenail fungus

Yellow toenails caused by a fungal infection

Any fungal disease has infectious soil. That is, it is caused by pathogenic fungi, often affecting the skin or nails (in essence, the nail plates are altered, keratinized skin). However, if fungal lesions of soft tissues (including the skin) can be treated without special problems, if chosen correctly, then nail fungus treatment is difficult and takes much longer. much. In particular, if it is running, ie for a long time no one has been properly concerned with the disease, hoping that "it will go away on its own". So, instead of treating a forgotten, eradicated disease, it is better to prevent it at an early stage of development. And even more optimal is the prevention of infection! This article will help you with this.

The feet are an aesthetically important part of the arm, or even the face. Especially in the warm season, when shoes are open and the beach season comes.

However, at a time when, for some, they become objects of pride, and even general admiration, for others, they can cause physical discomfort. America is the strongest.

It's all about mushrooms. By affecting each nail plate on the foot, it not only makes them less attractive, but also aesthetically unacceptable.

Feet change color and texture, lose integrity and may emit a bad odor. This is all the result of the action of pathogenic fungi. This cannot be allowed!

And the first thing that needs to be done is to homogenize information about where exactly this disease can be received.

Method of fungal infection

Since this is an infection, infection itself occurs by contact with it: with the direct carrier or another person - with the place where he has been touched. That is, you could be infected:

  • In the bathroom, bath or swimming pool.
  • When wearing shoes, socks or other items belonging to the sick person.
  • With direct physical (physical) contact with him.
  • In the gym or on the river and so on.

If the condition already occurs, it is important to know how to treat toenail fungus at home. It is important to know what pharmaceutical preparations are.

Nail fungal infections work like?

There are many ways of infection. And if the fungus enters a humid and hot environment, then for a while they can reproduce even in them, outside of their biological carrier, which will only increase the population (concentration) ofthey are in this particular place and greatly increase the risk of infecting a healthy person when exposed to such a place.

Therefore, if you are visiting public places, especially ones like the one outlined above, always pay attention to the quality of the cleaning there, the level of disinfection and the level of service provided in general.

fungal nail damage

And one more point, also very important: carefully monitor your own hygiene (foot hygiene).

After all, even if the fungus does come to you, you have up to 24 hours to get rid of them, generally without any negative consequences for your health.

Therefore, you should follow preventive procedures whenever you are at risk (after going to exercise, sauna, contact with a sick person, etc. ). Choose for yourself what suits you best.

The best home remedy for toenail fungus

Talking about how to cure toenail fungus, one cannot help but mention the folk remedies, along with the remedies that have been used by generations for a long time.

1. Acetic acid (9%)

This is common vinegar. For 1 liter of clean warm water, take 30 ml and for hard skin on the feet - 45 ml of vinegar, dissolve with water and soak feet in this solution for 15 minutes.

Then, if you have sensitive skin, you should rinse them under warm running water and make sure to dry them thoroughly.

Then you can apply a moisturizer to your feet, or a special anti-fungal preventative cream, or a remedy in another form.

2. Prepare

You can also use antifungals, as well as their analogues, after any situation increases your risk of infection.

And yet, in terms of your security, if you take medicine from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries after you have pre-treated with one of the products made according to the folk recipe, no. such as in paragraph 1, or in the following paragraphs. . .

3. Hydrogen peroxide

You can buy it at almost any pharmacy. For 1 liter of warm water, you will need about 15 ml peroxide. Apply in the same way as vinegar. It is not recommended to use such procedures more often than once every 3-4 days.

4. Tea tree oil

It can be used in pure form (if your body accepts it well) or diluted (for 1 liter of water - up to 20 drops of oil).

In its pure form, the oil is applied to the feet, with particular care - on the nail plates and the area around them. You do not need to rinse it off. If you do decide to use oil diluted with water, then you can do this about every two days.

photo of the symptoms of toenail fungus

It is necessary to keep the feet in the solution for up to 20 minutes. Before using undiluted oil, steam your feet in warm water, preferably a small amount of laundry detergent.

5. Natural strong coffee

A very unusual method, considering the fact that you shouldn't drink coffee, but keep your feet in it. It turns out this popular drink has obvious antifungal properties.

Do you want your feet to emit the most pleasant coffee scent and not be susceptible to fungal infections?

Then keep your feet in strong natural coffee for 15-17 minutes. The procedure can be done daily. Coffee should be slightly warm, but not hot!

Preventive measures

So from the above, you can draw some conclusions that will definitely help in prevention:

  • Avoid going to potentially dangerous places (in terms of pollution).
  • If the first rule is ignored - take all steps to reduce the risk of fungus (vinegar, peroxide, coffee, etc. ).

But, and that's not all! These tips will help you protect yourself more and complete the big picture of prevention:

  • Boost your immune system in the right ways: spend more time in the fresh air, avoid severe stressful situations, eat right.
  • Get enough sleep and get enough rest, exercise or stay healthy.

Always wear clean and new shoes, socks that cannot be borrowed from others, observe for foot disease prevention (should be washed with household or special antibacterial soap, which also helps fight fungus).

Shoes can also be treated (about once a week) with a special antifungal, or with vinegar, water-soluble peroxide (if this doesn't damage the shoe).

At least every six months, see a dermatologist for preventive checkups!

How to get rid of toenail fungus with medicine

Although the high effectiveness of these folk remedies is currently available in alternative medicine stores, funds produced in modern formulated pharmaceutical factories are still in high demand.

And last but not least - thanks to its really clear and proven efficiency.

Let's take a look at the most popular, safe and fastest ones. They come in many forms. Usually these are ointments, creams, sprays.

Toenail fungus treatment

And can be applied both externally and externally. If you unfortunately have a fungus, it's best to combine the medication inside with the medication outside.

A qualified doctor will definitely help you choose the best option for their combination. We will be looking at options that exist in general.

  1. Oral medication (to drink). As a rule, they are not used for prophylaxis, but serve for the treatment of high-quality fungus.
  2. Healing fluid. This is quite old, but, however, has proven its effectiveness. It's not as popular now as it was a few decades ago. However, some pharmacies still make this liquid on demand - with a doctor's prescription. It can be used both for prevention (occasionally) and treatment.
  3. Paste. In general, this drug does not have the effect of directly destroying pathogenic fungi and harmful microflora. However, he ruled out their fertility, as it completely lost their nutritional environment: the feet, with regular use of this patch, do not sweat.
  4. Nail polish is particularly anti-fungal. Nowadays they are an alternative remedy for many pharmaceuticals, as they allow both to avoid infection and at the same time, take care of their nails.
  5. Sprays for preventive treatment. They can be used to treat and prevent the development of the disease. But if you already take the medicine as prophylaxis then you need to do a full shortening course, otherwise it may lose the effect next time.

Foot disinfection for nail fungus

This is one of the key points: shoes should always be dry and clean. It needs to be cleaned, washed, and dried on time. The above sprays can be used to treat the inside of the shoe.

Above of the article, advice was given on how to treat it with a solution of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. You should have a few shoes for the season so you can change them using the next pair while the previous pair is in the disinfection phase.

Prevention is very important in keeping your nails healthy. However, if you notice signs of infection: the nail becomes thinner or vice versa, thickens, discolored, begins to flake, or scab. v. Well, then maybe you should talk about treatment.

But remember, the best remedy for nail fungus is to prevent it from appearing. Folk remedies will help you with this.

Check all medications with your doctor.

Take care of yourself and your health. Be healthy!