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  • Andrea
    Almost every year in the spring, I get fungus in my legs. I have tried many drugs, I know a lot about them. I can be sure that Zenidol deals with this problem best. I took it on the manufacturer's official website. Send by mail, payment on the spot. A few apps should suffice - and you might forget the problem.
  • Lukas
    I recently went to the swimming pool. And he runs barefoot on bricks, although he knows that this is impossible, because many people with various ulcers walk. Naturally, I grew a fungus. A friend immediately told me about Zenidol's great remedy. The results were astonishing, after three days of taking the drug there was no trace of the fungus.
  • Stefanie
    For a long time I was tormented with itchy toes. I went to a dermatology examination, the doctor said that I had scalp fungus. Prescribe me a medicine. One month was treated, with no results. On the Internet, I found an article about Zenidol cream. I bought it on the website, after the first application, the itching disappeared. A month after using it, I went to see a dermatologist again, BS said that the fungus was gone.
  • Reto
    I live in a country house, and there, you know, there are beds, a lawn, I walk barefoot in the summer, and a fungus forms on my feet. I complained to my daughter, she brought me Zenidol cream, told me to use it, as it is an effective and safe remedy. I smeared the affected area for 4 days, and the fungus disappeared, as if it didn't exist. I recommend to everyone!
  • Sabrina
    I just can't understand why my toes are itchy. I put on folk remedies, calendula, propolis alcohol, no effect. I went to the doctor and tested, the doctor said it was mushroom. Zenidol ointment is prescribed. Effective from use is the next day. No redness and burning sensation. I don't remember mushrooms anymore.
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