How to get rid of toenail fungus fast at home

feet after toenail fungus treatment

Usually toenail fungus appears in men, in women, the hands are more susceptible to this disease. The medical name for this problem is nail fungus. It usually starts with the big toe. Just by beating a nail can't be sure that the infection will not spread. And so you want to be barefoot when visiting or in the summer. Often you have to hold back and feel uncomfortable, waiting for the problem to evaporate on its own.

Regardless of the fungus causing the nail disease, it will present the same symptoms and require the same treatment. Because fungal nail infections are not life-threatening, most patients do not rush to treat it, considering it only a cosmetic problem. This approach is fundamentally flawed, because due to prolonged exposure to the fungus, immunity begins to suffer, and this opens the gates to many diseases.

When the first symptoms of nail fungus appear, it is advisable to start treatment using drugs or folk remedies. Both are very effective, and therefore the patient should decide for himself the appropriate treatment.

How to get rid of the problem?

It is important to note that fungi are difficult to treat, so determining the extent of the disease and its cause is extremely important. Usually, the problem lies in the environment. Fungal diseases can be caused by wearing closed shoes for too long during warm periods in times of high humidity. In addition, prolonged stay in the pool can lead to nail damage.

There is a high chance of getting this attack in immunocompromised people who have problems with blood circulation. In addition, diabetics and housewives who are constantly exposed to water while cleaning apartments and washing dishes may be at risk.

It is not difficult to understand that nails are affected by fungal bacteria. You just have to look at its color. Usually it is slightly yellow, but in some cases it can even be black, brown or gray. Nails become thicker and rougher. The infection progresses, causing it to stop growing and possibly fall off. Meanwhile, the skin begins to become red, itchy and swollen.

Before treating the disease, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease, the adverse influencing factors.

Important!You should not go barefoot in public places where there is a high chance of infection.

You can get rid of the infection in different ways. Currently, both drug treatment and traditional medicine are used in practice. It happens that a particular ointment may not be suitable for a person, its use may not bring positive results, but the skin of the feet will respond perfectly to treatment with inexpensive herbal remedies. In addition, not all subjects can use medicine. Many drugs have contraindications. For example, pregnant women should avoid taking the drug.

Sometimes doctors intentionally let patients combine traditional medicine with drugs.

healthy nails and toenail fungus

The use of folk remedies

The most popular and effective traditional drugs in the fight against fungal infections are:

  • iodine;
  • Vinegar;
  • mushroom tea;
  • sea salt;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • ammonia;
  • boric acid;
  • Tea tree oil;
  • propolis alcohol.

Home remedies are used mainly in cases where there is a risk of using drugs that can cause allergies and are not suitable for everyone. The main thing is to know what proportions to use them.

It is very important not to start treatment, otherwise the nails will not only look ugly, but also lead to consequences such as skin diseases, sensitization to allergens, mucosal diseases and inflammation of internal organs. organs. The problem is that the fungus is very poisonous and all family members are at risk, especially if the household has a habit of changing slippers.

Not many people can get rid of this problem with folk remedies, but it is enough to just remember about ordinary antiseptic decoctions or tinctures.

calendula flower for toenail fungus

Using iodine

Iodine has long been used in the self-healing process. It can also relieve skin diseases, including fungal infections. It can be used in its pure form. Just pre-clean the skin under the nail and wipe with iodine at the infected site. No tape needed afterwards. Iodine will evaporate on its own. Usually this takes a few minutes. So you can wait. Otherwise, you may suffer a chemical burn.

Important!Individuals with individual iodine intolerance are not recommended to use it to treat any disease.

If someone does not know how their body reacts to this substance, it is possible to conduct a painless experiment at home. Apply a few drops of iodine to the bend of your elbow and watch your skin react. Obviously, if the hand in the fold starts to turn red or yellow, then you shouldn't use iodine at all.

You can prepare a special antifungal mixture, which contains iodine, vinegar and glycerin. These ingredients must be mixed in equal parts and added boiled water in the ratio of 2 times. Now you can start elevating your legs and applying the antifungal paste to the sore nail. These actions should be repeated in ten days.

treat toenail fungus with vinegar

Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar is the most popular antifungal agent in folk medicine. Even to prevent such diseases, doctors recommend wiping the inside of shoes. You just need to moisten a cotton swab in vinegar, put the shoes that need to be folded in a plastic bag and send the shoes in this form in the closet for a day. Then you can take it, ventilate it and walk around calmly.

You can treat infected areas with vinegar. First, the nails should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with a file, then wipe the toe with a towel dipped in vinegar. Painful nails should be covered with a bandage to allow the vinegar to evaporate freely.

Before using vinegar, it is necessary to test the individual's tolerance to this remedy. Literally, you should apply a drop of vinegar on the acne-affected skin and observe how your body reacts.

How to use propolis tincture?

Traditional medicine formulas are very gentle on the human body, so people often use them even before going to the clinic. Propolis is antiseptic and can be purchased as an ointment, oil, or tincture.

When dealing with nail fungus, the main thing is to be patient, because this is a long process. You can prepare a special foot bath with the addition of propolis. Just a spoonful of tincture in a small bucket of water is enough. Pork leg should be steamed for 10 minutes. Then you need to remove the horny layer and put a cap of propolis on the sore finger, which you can squeeze yourself with softened propolis.

Important!During the treatment of nail fungus, you should pay more attention to personal hygiene and use clean socks every day.

foot bath to treat nail fungus

The use of boric acid

Boric acid has an antiseptic effect. She needs to be as careful as possible. Treatment with this medicine should only be short-term, as a person can become poisoned by a large build-up of the substance in the blood. It is not suitable for everyone. It can be used both in liquid and dry form. There are several ways to handle this substance.

  1. It is necessary to pour 30 grams of powder into a bowl of water, the temperature of which is not more than 60 degrees. Should steam your feet for about 15 minutes, then wipe clean with a towel. This procedure should be carried out no more than every 4 days.
  2. It is necessary to moisten a cotton swab in this 3% acid solution and apply it to the affected finger for a few minutes.
  3. You can sprinkle boric acid powder on your nails and then put on socks.


Now manufacturers are working to release antifungal ointments, creams. Also, don't forget to take advanced medical pills and varnishes, use only once in 3-6 days.

Important!Without consulting a doctor, it is better not to buy the drug yourself, because there are contraindications for some groups of people.

There are many medicines over the counter, but how do they fit your problem? There is still some work to be done here. If the fungus has appeared recently, it will be easier to get rid of it.

Disease prevention

In order not to get such an infection, you should only keep your feet clean and observe the rules of personal hygiene. You should also listen to those who advise:

  • do not use other people's scissors when doing manicure;
  • do not go to the gym or shower without shoes;
  • use cotton socks that allow your feet to breathe;
  • do not wear tight shoes;
  • Do not wear wet shoes for a long time, if you are "lucky" to get caught in the rain.

In principle, there are no special measures to prevent this scourge. You just need to wash your feet more often, wash your socks.

Herbs for toenail fungus