Antifungal nail drops

Drops from toenail fungus, like other local drugs, act on the principle of fungicidal and antifungal action, leading to the destruction of fungal spores in the diseased areas and preventing their spreadto healthy areas. In some cases, the drug has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

Onychomycosis - a fungal infection of the nail that can only be treated externally in the early stages of the disease, since then the problem areas are covered with keratinized tissue, preventing the deep penetration of the pathogens. external person.

Toenail fungus treatment

Features of the use of drops from the fungus

When treating fungus, one should be aware that it is quite susceptible to infection with its spores, but it is problematic to cure, so at the slightest sign, it is necessary to instill the medicine from the fungus on the nails, theSigns may be as follows:

  • Lesions between the toes and feet;
  • The presence of severe itching;
  • Red and peeling feet;
  • The skin may be covered with blisters;
  • The nail plate undergoes structural changes - yellowing, stripes, peeling of the plate and others.

Important: today drops are quite effective and work at any stage of the growth of the fungus, only in the running form they must be taken in combination with preparations for internal use.

It is permissible to use drops only in the early stages of the development of the problem, and the degree of damage is determined individually by a specialist.

Yellow nail fungus how to treat with drops

Important: the drops should be applied after preliminary cleaning of the nails from dirt and dead debris with a nail file or scissors, only using such a drug will give maximum results.

Once applied, modern drugs work in two directions at once - they treat and prevent further growth. Such an effect works in a positive way, however, only a dermatologist should prescribe drops, he, based on laboratory tests, will correctly select the necessary drug.

When choosing a specialist will take into account:

  1. Features of the patient's health;
  2. stage of the disease;
  3. Allergic reactions to some ingredients.

Only in this case can a full recovery be achieved.

How do these drugs work?

The doctor examines the foot for fungal infection

During use, the pharmacodynamics of drops from nail fungus are manifested in the destruction of the membrane of the fungus and the intracellular blockade of biosynthesis, that is, the suppression of the ability to reproduce.

Today, most drops stop the production of ergosterol, a hydrocarbon compound in the cell membrane of fungi, preventing cell growth and thus the ability to take over new territories.

In addition, due to the accumulation of the components of the drug in the tissues, the viability of bacteria completely disappears.

Drugs are applied externally, their active substances penetrate into the damaged tissue and accumulate in the nail, as a result of which the therapeutic effect begins.

No more than 4-6% of the total volume of active substances enters the bloodstream, after which they are excreted in feces and urine.

The main contraindications of drops from the fungus

Any antifungal drug has contraindications, which have the following 3 positions:

itchy feet with fungus
  1. Individual intolerance - many people experience allergic reactions to certain components, which can also increase sensitivity to them, making it impossible to use these funds;
  2. Children under 10 years old - here each drug is individual, it all depends on the composition and the presence of diseases or allergies in the child;
  3. Pregnancy and lactation - any instructions indicate that the use of drops from nail fungus in this position by women is permissible only if the necessary benefit outweighs the risks to the fetus and baby.

Among other things, you can not use drops with open wounds and wounds.

All these contraindications indicate that modern drugs are quite serious means, they cannot be treated like a cosmetic cream. All of this means that it's not safe to use them on your own, as no one knows what kind of fungus hit his or her foot.

At best, self-administration can temporarily alleviate the problem, as evidenced by a lot of internet users stating that there is no way to completely get rid of onychomycosis, but only for a while -All these are the results of self-treatment.


Nail fungus is a rather dangerous and unpleasant disease, not easy to cure, you definitely should not hope to get rid of it overnight. If it is available, you will have to accumulate the patience and knowledge of specialists, act on their instructions, and then positive results are sure to be achieved.